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Warranty Policy (Tamkeen Stores)

Guarantee policy guarantee tamkeenstores.com.sa Protect your product from defects in materials, design and / or workmanship after purchasing the product. In the selected products and in the cases in which it is considered tamkeenstores.com.sa Seller, warranty repairs will be carried out at my authorized service centers tamkeenstores.com.sa . In cases where a product is purchased through a seller other than tamkeenstores.com.sa , The terms of the respective seller's warranty will apply. The warranty does not apply to cases other than defects in material, design and / or workmanship. Warranty obligations are limited to repairing the defective product or refunding the amount of the product purchased (such decision is at the discretion of the seller of the product). Not all products are covered by the warranty, and always check the product listing to see if it includes warranty benefits. In the event of a refund, the customer must return all accessories of the product. Otherwise, the amount of any missing item will be deducted from the product's quantity. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period in order to benefit from warranty services. In cases where it is considered tamkeenstores.com.sa Seller, a twelve (XNUMX) month warranty will be provided for Qualifying Items purchased within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The repair or replacement under the terms of the warranty does not provide the right to extend or renew the warranty period. The terms of the warranty are according to the manufacturer of your device. Our warranty policy is in line with our refund and exchange policy. All warranties terms and conditions can be changed from tamkeenstores.com.sa We have all rights to claim and can change accordingly.

The Seller
Warranty Period
The Number Of Claims For The Product
XNUMX Years (In Saudi Arabia)
Third Party
Please See The Terms Of The Third-Party Warranty
Please See The Terms Of The Third-Party Warranty

By submitting your product for repair, you agree to a repair tamkeenstores.com.sa And / or third parties for your product, and you also provide permission to use your contact
information in connection with the repair service. For more details related to guarantees, please see the terms of services on the website.

Warranty Providers:

The warranty for the device is provided by the manufacturer or its agent and is subject to the manufacturer's warranty policies, which can be found either on the product manual
or the official website of the manufacturer. To request warranty services, the customer must contact the manufacturers or their agent / importers directly according to the rules
and regulations. Do not bear tamkeenstores.com.sa Responsibility for warranty services provided by the agent, including availability of spare parts, repair period, and / or repair quality. The
customer should contact the warranty service provider directly in case of complaints or any other concern

    General Warranty Policies:

  • In the event that the customer performs any maintenance on his part or from any third party, it cannot be done from tamkeenstores.com.sa Then.
  • Clients are entitled to a replacement after paying the fair use price or a refund after deducting the fair use value in eligible cases under the rules, regulations and laws of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Misuse of the device or failure to follow the proper usage instructions stipulated in the device manual inside the box or instructions given on web pages or digital agreements when activating the device
  • Unauthorized repair attempts that lead to damage to the device, as well as the use of spare parts that are not approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
  • The warranty repair period is defined as XNUMX days for faults, which are covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty is provided by replacing defective spare parts in the event of a manufacturing defect and not necessarily by replacing the device or refunding its value. Malfunctions due to the following scenarios are excluded from warranty service:
  • Some trademarks may be excluded, check the site's item page for more details.

    Warranty Case:

  • If the item is not 'previously sold tamkeenstores.com.sa “It is not covered by a warranty tamkeenstores.com.sa . However, it might be covered by a guarantee that the seller offers directly. If possible, this information will be displayed against the seller's note on the product detail page.
  • The following conditions will not be covered by the warranty:
  • Customer damage
  • Liquid leakage on the product The product is fixed out tamkeenstores.com.sa
  • When the customer sends the product to the service center for repair, the customer provides the corresponding accessories, products and warranty cards to the service center (includes the battery and the charging carrier).

Last update: March XNUMX, XNUMX

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