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Hello👋, We are happy to serve all our distinguished customers. How can we serve you?

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  • - Go to the Tamkeen website or visit our Showrooms(https://tamkeenstores.com.sa/en/store-locatore)
  • - Select any product from the search or select from categories
  • - Select the products then click on add to cart button
  • - You will be redirected to the check-out page
  • - Enter the required details, select the payment method, and then places the order

  • - Open the account and go to the return section
  • - Click on the “Create a New Return Request” button
  • - You will be redirected to the order section.
  • - Select the order then send the request to cancel the order

  • - Go to my account
  • - click on the order section
  • - you can see the order status

Every order has different delivery charges based on location, when placing the order the shipping/delivery charges will appear on the cart page before complete the order

We are offering Mada Pay, credit card/Debit card (Visa & Master card), Apple Pay, Tasheel, Tabby, and Tamara (0% Installment payment)

Yes, 100% safe shopping at tamkeen stores. We use the best technologies in the website, the best security tools that will protect your valuable information from online fraud and malware, etc. We don’t store or save your payment details. We store only personal details for shipping goods and promotion purposes

  • - Yes, its 100% free to open an account on the tamkeen website.
  • - With your email id or mobile number you open an account on our website.
  • - Go to the website in the right-top of the website there is “My Account
  • - Click and enter the required details then your account will be open

  • - You can reset the password through your mobile number
  • - go to “my account” right-top of the website
  • - go to “my account” right-top of the website
  • - Enter your mobile number you will get an OTP, enter OTP then you will be logged in

Yes, someone else can use your account if you give them authority to use it, without your consent no one can use your account. If you are giving authority to use your account, then you will be responsible (Note: we suggest not to give your login details to someone else)

  • - You can send a request to Tamkeen to delete or remove an account from the website
  • - Send a request to our email id or to our official WhatsApp account

  • - Yes, you can directly go to any of the showrooms and purchase any item which you want
  • - list of showroom: https://tamkeenstores.com.sa/en/store-locatore/

  • - Yes, you can place the order online and pick it up from the showroom
  • - before you visit any showroom please make contact our customer care so we can arrange your product for that particular showroom

  • - We offer all types of payment methods such as credit card/debit cards belonging to all banks from Saudi Arabia.
  • - We also offer other payment methods: Apply Pay, Tasheel, Tamara, Tabby, and cash on delivery (COD)
  • - Currently Cash on Delivery (COD) Avialble only in Jeddah city

  • - This is depending on the type of products and location you select, where you want to deliver.
  • - Delivery charges will appear on the cart while you purchasing the product

We cover all over Saudi Arabia, we ship to all the locations (regions, cities) of Saudi Arabia. In Jeddah only we offer cash on delivery (COD).

  • - Spilt Air Condition Installation service cost of 200 SR (additionally Pipe will charge per meter)
  • - Window Air Conditioner Installation 50 SR (additionally Pipe will charge per meter)
  • - Replacing(removing) Old Air Conditioner 100 SR

  • - Login to your your account
  • - there is one option “return”
  • - Click on it and see which items you want to return.
  • - Also, you can open a return request ticket

  • - For the first time, you will require (Saudi citizen – national id & Residents – iqama id)
  • - A valid bank account with credit/debit card
  • - A valid mobile number to open the account

  • - Regarding free shipping, for some of the products we have free shipping and we mentioned
  • - free shipping on the respective product, while you purchase the product it will appear on the cartpage
  • - if free shipping is applicable to that particular product

  • - Yes, currently cash-on-delivery is available only for Jeddah city.
  • - Very Soon we will expand our cash-on-delivery services across Saudi Arabia

  • - Yes, your payment and card are 100% safe
  • - For your kind information we (Tamkeen) never store or save your card/payment details on our website or server.
  • - We only store your personal details for products Delivery and promotion purposes

  • - Online Order through Tamkeen Stores Website:
  • - You can contact us through our UAN number, 800 444 2444, or connect with us through any social media platform.
  • - Provide your Order number & explain the reason for the refund and return the product.
  • - Our customer care manager will make a refund Ticket & you will receive an SMS of your request.
  • - If the product is already delivered, the procedure starts when we received the product back on our warehouse.
  • - The amount refund procedure takes 10-15 working days.

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