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Price Matching Policy (Tamkeen Stores)

We are obligated to match the prices of competitors announced in the publications or websites when purchasing.
In the event that there is a difference in prices or if after purchase you find that our competitor is advertising them at a lower price, a fair price or an alternative gift can be offered.
Take tamkeenstores.com.sa The final decision to match the price is online.

    Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer has the right to refund the price difference if he decidesThe customer has the right to refund the price difference if he decides tamkeenstores.com.sa Price reduction, or if a listed competitor advertises the item at a lower price after purchase.Price reduction, or if a listed competitor advertises the item at a lower price after purchase.
  • The price match policy applies to all products sold in stores tamkeenstores.com.sa Or a site tamkeenstores.com.sa In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The price match policy applies within seven days of receiving the product.
  • The advertised product should be of the same brand, model number, and country of origin, and be subject to warranty in accordance with the warranty policies in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The declared price is in Saudi riyals, and any other expenses are calculated if they form part of the offer (such as installing air conditioners, delivery expenses, or accompanying gifts if any), and then comparing them to the competitor's price.
  • The products announced by the competitors are available in stores tamkeenstores.com.sa At the same time as the claim.
  • This policy applies only to a specific list of competitors available at the store's customer service office, and only to the competitor who owns a physical store in the same city in which the store is located. tamkeenstores.com.sa When buying from the store.
  • If purchasing from the site tamkeenstores.com.sa On the Internet, the price match policy will apply to the competitors' listed websites even if that competitor does not own a physical store in the customer's city, as long as that competitor delivers the same product to that city.
  • The price matching process will be carried out by going to the customer service desk in the nearest store tamkeenstores.com.sa (Whether purchased from a store tamkeenstores.com.sa Or a site tamkeenstores.com.sa Online, and provide the required data as follows:
  • The original or electronic invoice tamkeenstores.com.sa .
  • A copy of the competitor's advertisement from (newspaper, magazine, official social media channels of the competitor, or the competitor's official website
  • Each customer has the right to apply this policy and obtain a maximum price difference for one product of the same product, unless the price reduction is implemented before tamkeenstores.com.sa In the case of digital advertising (whether on official social media channels or on a competitor's listed website), the store representative must take a screenshot of the advertisement himself to highlight the date of the advertisement.
  • Is entitled to tamkeenstores.com.sa Change the "rate match policy" without prior notice.

    These below-mentioned cases are excluded from the policy:

  • Exclusive offers listed on the sites tamkeenstores.com.sa Items not received.
  • All products offered on personal sites or hajj sites.
  • Exclusive offer on the competitor's website, discounted sales, limited quantity offers or non-finished products, clearance offer, new store opening offer, loyalty programs or bank card offers.
  • Any misprint in the model number or price that occurs before tamkeenstores.com.sa Or other competitors.
  • This item is identical (i.e. size, model, quantity, brand, color)
  • This item is available on the online retailer's website and at tamkeenstores.com.sa At the time of requesting a price match.
  • Items purchased from tamkeenstores.com.sa That price drops later.
  • Prices are from or on behalf of the market and third-party sellers
  • Discounts applicable upon payment
  • Auction prices or those requiring memberships
  • Prices that cannot be determined independently of other items, such as fees and shipping charges
  • Prices requiring minimum quantity purchase
  • Items listed by other retailers as clearance, watch special / sale / limited quantity or other special event offers
  • Damaged, used or refurbished items
  • Price errors
  • Prices in the store
  • Updatethe last one: XNUMX مارس XNUMX

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